Sedarya Jasa (M) Sdn Bhd
MLO 2270, KG Sungai Rintang B,
81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia.


Drop Testing (4)

Project name     : Drop Test
Location            : Yew Choon Yard Singapore
Period               : September 2010



Drop test gantry in action


Erection of Boiler (2)

Project name     : Apache Ningaloo Vision FPSO
Location            : Yew Choon Yard
Period               : April 2008

Cargo :
- Azurite/Apache boiler
- Dim: L8.00 x W6.00 x H10.82m (126 Tons)


Lifting of Catamarans (4)

Project name     : Lifting of Catamarans
Location            : Yew Choon Yard
Period               : December 2007


Lifting of Flow Reel (3)

Project name     : AGR
Location            : Yew Choon Yard
Period               : April 2009

Cargo :     

- Cable reel
  Dim: 9.20mx 5.5 mx9.20m (95.00 Tons)


Lifting of Knuckle Boom Crane (1)

Project name     : Knuckle Boom Crane Storage
Location            : Yew Choon Yard
Year                  : May 2010

Cargo :     

- 320Te Knuckle Boom

Yew Choon was approached by the client in the middle of May 2010 for the receiving of a Knuckle Boom Crane (KBC) with a weight of 314Te onto one of their barges at Jurong Port, Singapore.
The KBC has to be offloaded in Yew Choon¡¯s yard and will stay there for storage until the assigned ship is ready to receive the Crane for installation.
For the receiving of the KBC, Yew Choon mobilized one of its 200ft barges to Jurong Port, Singapore.
Offloading of the KBC from the barge was done by dual lift; A Demag CC2800 crane and a Demag CC2000 crane were used.


Barge arrival at Yew Choon¡¯s Yard


Load Test of Spreader Beam/Other (1)

Project name : Load Testing Facility
Location         : Yew Choon Yard Singapore
Year             : 2010

In January 2010 Yew Choon decided to build a Load Test Facility in its Singapore Yard located at No. 8 Pioneer Sector 1. 
The new Test Facility is required to have the capacity to test any loads upto 1000 Ton in the safest and most convenient way. 
It was decided that a frame with multi-links was to be used and cast onto the ground.
Since the launching of the test facility, a variety of different load tests have been conducted in combination with either a 4 point lift system/Crane or just the Facility itself.
With every load test, either a set of calibrated load links or load pin shackles are being used to verify and record the exact load force. 
The Test Facility has proven to be a faster/safer and more convenient way of performing load tests compared to the conventional way of testing.
Besides the load test Facility, Yew Choon has build a gantry structure specifically designed for drop/impact testing structures after receiveing increasing requests from clients who need a facility where they could safely carry out drop/impact testing of  any prototype offshore structures.
The capacity for the drop test gantry is certified up to 40 Tons.


Load Test of Winch (1)

Project name : Testing of Offshore Winches
Location         : Yew Choon Yard
Year                 : June 2010
Cargo :

- 2 units Winch testing (each 120tons)
Equipment used:

1000Te test plate at Yew Choon yard.
Demag CC2800, 600Te Crawler crane.
In June 2010, Yew Choon performed the load test on 2 units offshore winches for one of Singapore¡¯s leading Marine Equipment Fabricators.
The load test was performed in Yew Choon¡¯s yard in Singapore where there is the availability of a 1000Te test plate.
Each winch was mounted onto a skid which in turn, was pinned against the links of our test plate.
Static and dynamic test were performed (up to 120Te.)
For the dynamic test, a test load of 120Te was lifted and suspended from Yew Choon¡¯s Demag CC2800 crane.